Seamless White Concrete Floor

New Construction Winner

This amazing award-winning project was designed featuring a custom combination of white concrete floors with white and grey quartz aggregate throughout the home.

Project Details

Contractor: DS Grinding, Clarkson, Western Australia

Amount of polished concrete: 393 square metres

Size of building/project: 645 square metres

The Project Scope

The specific needs of this project were as follows:

The whitest floor possible with light grey and white quartz aggregate, polished with full stone exposure.

The project required a full gloss, hardened and mechanically polished white concrete floor.

How it came together?

This project specified polished white concrete flooring on the upper and lower floors, which included two external areas (ground floor alfresco/loggia and top floor balcony). A polished white concrete staircase connected the two external outdoor areas.

Completing The Project

To achieve the desired result, DS Grinding worked with concrete contractor Hanson Concrete to create a custom white concrete mix featuring a blend of grey and white quartz aggregate.

On the top floor, large custom stacker doors leading out to the balcony were flush mounted. Falls to external surfaces were laid out during the initial pour to ensure correct flow from the strategically marked-out door points.

To ensure seamless aesthetic appeal, the internal staircase void wraps from the floor surface to a 100mm underside roof rebated detail. All external slab-ends were seamlessly polished and a 4mm rebated cut made to isolate all joints from holding brickwork.

A custom blend of crème and white cement to grout additive was used to achieve a correct colour match before grouting commenced. With a custom mix such as this, a custom grout colour matching process was essential. Being white on white, protection of the concrete floor during construction was also vital to maintain a clean and immaculate white surface, to which the builder did an amazing job.

Collaboration With Different Parties

Working with the designer, builder and various trades to ensure the seamless detail throughout was perfect took exceptional planning and very strict construction and design guidelines. Tight rebated sections to door frames, precise falls and ceiling setbacks were paramount in the designer and owners’ visions to create the overall desired finish of clean, crisp lines as well as the clear understanding of the attention to detail taken on this build.

The result was a breathtaking home featuring a perfect white polished concrete floor with grey and white quartz aggregate. Please have a look at the gallery to view the completed job and see the results for yourself.

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Questions About This Project

The steps for making a white concrete mix are the same as any other form of concrete. The primary difference between a traditional concrete and a white concrete mix is the use of white cement powder, which has a distinct white colour when compared to the common grey.

White concrete has a great visual impact in terms of design. It is a highly reflective surface which gives it a warmth and shimmer when exposed to sunlight or artificial lighting. White polished concrete is a long-lasting and low maintenance surface that is a popular choice amongst homeowners. White concrete is also very responsive to further decoration and finishing – as seen in this project with the use of grey and white quartz aggregate.

White concrete can be prone to discolouration or staining over time, however the high-quality materials utilised and the first-class workmanship in this project ensures the retention of the finish. As with all polished concrete floors, regular cleaning and maintenance will prevent staining and discolouration.