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Internal Concrete

There is no better decision you can make for your home or commercial property, then opting for polished concrete floors.

Polished concrete is a stunning choice for your new build or renovation, adding value to your property and offering many benefits compared to other flooring options. With limitless possibilities for concrete mixes, exposures, and sheen levels, DS Grinding can help you design a finished product that is one of a kind.

As one of Perth’s premier concrete finishing teams, we create masterpieces with our true mechanical polish that delivers above and beyond our client’s expectations. By being meticulous in our process and working closely with your builder and yourself, we create striking results for your home or commercial project.

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Styles of Polished Concrete Flooring

At DS Grinding, we believe that the finish style of your concrete floor is everything. The colour, level of stone exposure and final sheen are vital elements to the overall interior styling of your home.

Which is why we will collaborate with you to come up with a desired polished concrete finish for your project to work in with your architectural and interior styling.

The Three Styles of Polished Concrete We Offer:

Burnished Finish

This is a highly specialised finish that leaves your floor with an “unfinished” look. It still offers all the strengths and benefits of a true polish, but the finished product leaves you with a surface that is exceptionally raw looking, will highlight cracks, and often focuses on the varying colour scope throughout the slab. Please be aware that this exposure is not suitable for retrofits.

Architectural Industrial Finish

Our most popular and versatile finish. An Architectural or Industrial Finish is perfectly suited to any home or commercial project. With this type of finish, you can have more control over the finished product, including the level of stone exposure, flatness and sheen.

Full Exposed Aggregate Finish

For those looking to make their floors POP, a fully exposed aggregate exposure the right choice for you. This type of finish will highlight the fully exposed aggregate throughout the floor, in new builds also offering the ability to choose concrete and stone colours; leaving you with an eye catching feature throughout your property.

Polished Concrete Sheen

Once you’ve decided on a polished concrete style, then you can decide on how much you’d like it to shine! We have varying levels of concrete finish, or sheen levels, that can transform your concrete flooring. These are all completed by our expert team and done via a true mechanical polish, making your flooring up to 100x stronger than a grind and seal application.

We Offer Three Different Sheen Levels

Matte Finish

Perfect for those who are looking for a natural look for their flooring. This has minimal shine to it, and perfect for homes that want a more contemporary feel.  

Satin Finish

A popular option for many homes, the satin polished finish is complimentary to almost any residential or commercial property. It offers just the right amount of sheen, so it won’t make rooms too bright, yet keeps the overall style looking very modern, yet well finished.

High Gloss Finish

Our high gloss finish for those who want their floors to make a statement. High gloss offers a mesmerising level of shine that is perfect for those people wanting to showcase the reflective capabilities of their floor.

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  • The benefits of polished and honed concrete


This is one of our most commonly asked questions, and the answer may surprise you… you can have the polished concrete look outdoors.

Honed concrete is an external version of polished concrete that is applied to outdoor projects. While you are limited to the type of sheen that can be achieved on a honed concrete surface (unfortunately medium and high gloss applications pose safety risks outdoors), the finished product looks just as luxurious and high quality as an internal polished floor.  Perfect for a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors

Our process for mechanically honing or polishing concrete is something that our team takes very seriously. We offer an experience for our customers that is unparalleled in our industry by offering a true start to finish service and precise attention to detail. 

What this means is that before we start on your project we liaise with the builder, concreters and anyone else we will need to work closely with on the project This is essential to us understanding the full scope of the project and being able to dive as soon as the concrete is ready.

Once the concrete has cured and is ready to be polished, our team will arrive to prep the area. Then using concrete diamond grinding equipment, we will remove the layers of concrete until the desired exposure is reached. After the desired exposure within the floor finish is achieved, we use speciality densifying products and grouting techniques over various stages to make the concrete surface more durable and stain resistant. From here our team will use concrete polishing equipment to polish the floor until the desired polished look is achieved. To finish off the concrete, we will then add one final 100% penetrative sealing coat that will protect the floor.

You will finally be left with  stunning polished concrete floors to enjoy for years to come. 

Due to the nature of the material, houses settling, and other factors, there can never be a guarantee that your concrete application won’t crack.

However, our team will take every precaution to reduce the chance of your concrete slab from cracking. We not only provide a set of recommendations to your builder/concretor that will opt for upgraded MPA, slab thickness, increase mesh specs and non-shrinkage agents in the concrete, we use specially manufactured concrete densifiers and hardeners to increase the strength of the concrete.  

Usually surface cracks that appear during the build are completely filled during our final polishing stages towards the end of your project.

Our team personally thinks there are too many great reasons for having polished concrete floors as a flooring solution, especially here in Western Australia. However, these are the most popular reasons:

  • Low maintenance: No more carpet cleaners! Polished concrete is very easy to clean with just a quick sweep and mop on occasion.
  • Long lifespan: Major maintenance on your concrete won’t need to occur for quite some time if regular cleaning and standard floor maintenance is kept up.
  • Polished concrete is affordable: While the initial cost might be more than other flooring products, its lifespan and overall upkeep makes it a much more sustainable and cost effective product.
  • Low allergen: For home owners who suffer from allergies, polished concrete is a perfect option as dust mites, pollen, and other allergens have no where else to go (another reason to skip carpeting)
  • Eco-friendly: Polished concrete doesn’t use any hazardous cleaners or coatings for upkeep. It also can help to reduce energy costs, since the reflective surface increases ambient lighting. They also have a thermal quality which means, that they help to keep your home cooler during the day, and at night leave it at a more comfortable temp.
  • Incredibly Attractive: Last but not least, they are a stylish, value adding element for any home. With unlimited types of concrete including standard concrete, full exposure or random exposure aggregate finishes, there is a perfect concrete option for any home. It is becoming an increasingly popular type of flooring for some homes, who are making the choice to remove their old flooring to reveal the existing concrete for polishing.

Yes! They’re a great option for families. They’re durability gives your pets and little ones a surface to play on that can handle their high energy play. The concrete surface is also easy to clean spills, mess and pet hair.  

Plus, polished cement floors are hypoallergenic, so no need to worry about allergies!

No two homes or floors are the same, with each one requiring varying levels of work and expertise. At DS Grinding we approach each job with a fresh set of eyes so that we can deliver the best possible application for every project. Which is why rather than providing an upfront cost, we offer a free consultation and quote.

During this conversation we will discuss your project to determine the best application. From their our team will then put together an inclusive quote, that will be competitively priced for the job.

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