Black-on-Black – Burnished Concrete Floor

The Challenge: Create an even sheen without removing the burnished layer of concrete.

Project Details

Project Location: Cottesloe, Western Australia

Contractor: DS Grinding, Clarkson, Western Australia

Amount of Polished Concrete: 1,730 square feet

The Project Scope

The specific needs of this project were as follows:

A black, raw/natural polished concrete floor with a uniform, mechanically polished finish.

To achieve a uniform colour, project design focused on achieving larger pour areas, creating an even burnish throughout a tight, multi-storey construction area.

How it came together?

Custom home builder, Weststyle, approached DS Grinding with a request for a special job. The brief specified black burnished concrete floors with a mechanical polish and uniform raw/natural look on completion.

Completing The Project

The award-winning team at DS Grinding rose to the challenge and created a custom black decorative concrete mix for the job. The team poured and burnished the custom mix before mechanically polishing to an even sheen. We used a range of polishing pads to ensure the burnished concrete finish was not compromised. To minimise pattern-scratching, the process was undertaken in a wet state.

Collaboration With Different Parties

DS Grinding and Weststyle collaborated with Lithofin Australia for the final stages. Lithofin created a unique mixture of CCS oxide and their proprietary Stainstop product. The mixture was manually applied to treat colour variations. Any such areas were blended to retain the natural burnished concrete look and uniform colour.

The result was a stunning polished concrete finish that exceeded the client’s brief. Please have a look at the gallery below to view the finished floor and see the results for yourself.

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Questions About This Project

Burnished concrete is a polished concrete finish where no aggregate is exposed. Burnished floors are achieved by using a burnishing machine which is similar to a floor buffer, but spins at a much higher speed. Burnishers lack the power and weight to grind and abrade concrete, meaning they won’t correct an uneven surface or minor flaws.

A common misconception about burnished floors and other polished concrete surfaces is they are slippery based on their smooth, shiny appearance. However, these surfaces are safe to walk on when kept clean and dry. For high foot traffic areas, anti-slip additives can be added to sealers to improve their slip resistance.

Burnished concrete floors are extremely durable surfaces, yet they must be properly cleaned and maintained. Routine tasks for maintaining your burnished concrete flooring include regular dust mopping to remove dirt and grime, as well as semi-frequent wet mopping with clean water.