Honed Concrete in Perth

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External Honed Concrete

Perfect for all your outside areas, honed concrete floors are a great option for both new builds, renovations and commercial properties. It is extremely popular for home builders looking to reflect the latest trends, or for those who want to add value to their existing property.

Similar looking to internal polished concrete, honed concrete’s difference is that instead of densifying, buffing and polishing the surface to achieve a sheen, The first stages of the grinding process are done and then a sealant is applied to give it a brighter or more natural look while maintaining a more slip resistant surface and externally maintainable product. Being solid concrete, It still has many of the same stunning properties that make it long lasting, durable and attention-grabbing.

DS Grinding are highly trained honed concrete specialists.

We have created hundreds of beautiful surfaces throughout the Perth area, and have been a part of award winning homes. This exceptional work comes from our team working closely with you and your building team to come up with a honed concrete floor design and desired finish that is perfect for your home.

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Styles of Honed Concrete

First impressions are important. Which is why your outdoor spaces should be designed to reflect your own unique style.

If you’re making the decision to bring honed concrete into your outdoor spaces, selecting the style of concrete for you project is an important aspect of the overall design. Choosing the right colours and exposure of aggregate can transform your space. Creating a beautiful outdoor entertainment area to enjoy for many years to come.

DS Grinding offer two different styles of honed concrete & can create beautiful pool surrounds. All are customisable to give you the unique style you desire for your property:

Architectural / Industrial Exposure

This is a popular finish, which is achieved by lightly grinding down the slab to minimally expose the aggregate. It is becoming a common choice for homes looking to achieve a more seamless trendy, contemporary design without focusing on the high exposure of the aggregate but more so the colour of the concrete surface.

Full Stone Exposure

A perfect option for those who want their concrete floor to make a statement. Fully exposed aggregate installation is achieved by grinding the concrete slab down until all the stones in the concrete are revealed. The ability to customize concrete and stone mixes enables you to completely stylize the concrete finishes to your external design whilst in many cases being a seamless flow from your internal polished concrete.

Pool Surrounds

Honed pool surrounds take an already beautiful pool area and make it the eye-catching feature of your outdoor space. Our team will collaborate with your pool builder and concreters to create a seamless finish around you pool, and can even hone your pool edges, eliminating the need to install bullnose pavers.

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  • The benefits of honed concrete and polished concrete floors


Many people are misinformed about concrete honing and polished concrete because they believe that they are the same processes. In fact, they start as the same process, with the difference being that the polished concrete continues well past honed concrete to have the application of densifiers, grouts and an extensive polishing process.

Polished Concrete: This process is achieved through the grinding down of the decorative concrete until the desired level of aggregate exposure is reached. From here the application is grouted, densified, buffed and polished, creating the perfect seamless and smooth finish.

Honed Concrete: To get a concrete honing finish, it is the same initial process as we would take to get polished concrete. However, rather than buffing and polishing the concrete, the process stops at the grinding phase and external protective sealers are applied to the concrete and enhance the overall look of the surface, providing the desired look.

Yes! You can achieve a seamless look from the indoor applications to the outside of your property with a blemish free honed surface. 

Create an uninterrupted and expansive feel in your home by utilising the same concrete flow both internally and externally. Providing the two surfaces are level, homeowners are granted greater flexibility and functionality as this allows for recessed sliding door tracks, which not only improves visual aesthetics of the home, but also eliminates trip hazards.

In most cases yes! Honing existing washed aggregate is a great way to take your tired looking concrete surfaces and give them a new, stylish appearance.

However, before our team can get to work, we will need to inspect the slab to make sure that its current condition is stable enough for the honing process. If for some reason and on the VERY rare occasion it is not, a new decorative concrete slab will most likely need to be poured.

Unfortunately, we can never guarantee that your concrete will not crack at some stage. Factors such as weather and foundation movement are inevitable and have been known to cause cracking.

While this is not the answer anyone wants to hear, the team at DS grinding take every precaution to ease your mind. Our team can recommend several specifications to dramatically reduce the chance of cracking.

Yes! Whether it’s a stone that has come out of your application or a crack in your concrete flooring appears, it is possible to have it repaired.

If you have noticed signs of damage or wear and tear in your concrete, it is advantageous to act sooner rather than later, as this will save you money and unrequired associated stresses in the long term. Restoration of concrete is important to maintain not only visual appeal, but the safety of your home as well.

Yes! Make sure to speak to your concreter and electrician, who can collaborate with you to come up with a lighting design to be installed into your honed concrete slab.

Utilising the possibility of recessed lighting within your concrete surfaces not only provides functional and safety benefits for moving around the home or outdoor areas at night, but also aids in highlighting feature areas of the home such as your swimming pool.

The best part about honed concrete (besides how great it looks) is how low maintenance the surface is. A regular sweep and occasional spray with the hose is typically all you need to maintain the high quality appearance of your application.

For those interested in giving their honed concrete a deep clean, speak to us about a few tips and tricks to bring it back to life.

Honed concrete is a perfect option for your pool surrounds! The smooth surface is more comfortable to walk on, safer than exposed aggregate or brick pavers, and our team can add a slip resistant surface coating, such as non-slip silica sand.

This slip resistant coating is added at the end of the honing process, making your new pool area a much safer place to run around on, even when wet.

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