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“Underneath all that old laminate, those dated slate tiles or timber, is a beautiful existing concrete floor that can shine”

If you’re renovating and have made the decision to go with exposed concrete flooring in your residential or commercial property, there is a high chance you will have to remove existing floor coverings on the slab.

Whether it’s tiles, laminate timber or some other coatings, the floor preparation division at DS Grinding can help with our floor preparation services. We deliver the safe, and precise removal of these flooring types, leaving you with a concrete surface that is ready to be polished to your specifications.

Our team have extensive experience in the removal and preparation of all types of flooring. Through this experience we have been able to come up with effective solutions that streamline our service and give our customers the best rates in the Perth area.

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Our Services

Tile Removal

We can safely remove all types of tiles. Whether they are high quality marble or standard ceramic tiles, our professional team will carefully extract and leave you with a surface that is ready for a beautiful concrete finish.

Carpet Removal

Getting rid of your old carpet in poor condition, to show off the beautiful concrete floors underneath?

The concrete floor prep division of DS Grinding has all the equipment needed to remove your old carpet, making sure to use a dust extractor during the whole process, the best solution to minimise mess.

Bathroom and Kitchen Strip outs

If you’re in the process of renovating your home, our team can assist in the removal of more than just your floor coverings.

We have the experience and capabilities to assist in the removal of ceilings, temporary floors, non-load bearing partitions, ventilation, old appliances and more. Leaving your project clean and new floor ready to be transformed.

Commercial and Retail Strip outs

For retailers who are looking to upgrade or renovate their spaces, our team can take care of the crucial step of removal and stripping out of your shop.

We can easily arrange to come after hours as well, so the day to day of your business experiences minimal disruption.

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Timber Floor Removal

Looking to get rid of your timber flooring?

The DS Grinding floor prep division is highly trained in the removal of timber flooring. We can even remove them in a way that will allow you to restore and reuse them, something many contractors overlook altogether.

Glue, Paint and Coating Removal

Getting rid of painting, coating and other sticky materials takes a lot of precision and care.

Our team has access to the high quality removal products and equipment to ensure that you are left with a clean surface that is ready to be transformed into a beautiful concrete application.

Concrete Grinding

Our team have invested in our education and equipment so that we can offer a premier concrete grinding service to the homes and commercial properties of Perth. No matter what size the project, our skills as concrete floor preparation contractors,  will deliver a concrete floor ready for the next step in the finishing process.

Concrete Cutting

Looking to remove or prepare a concrete floor for a project?

We can assist with our precision focussed concrete cutting services.

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Still Have Questions about our Polished Concrete Perth Services?


This is completely dependent on the type of flooring that you currently have. For example, tiles and direct stick carpet can take more time to remove. Since they are glued down they require special equipment such as jackhammers to remove them, and then the glue needs to be removed with concrete grinders. Where as laminate floorings and carpet installed with an underlay is a much quicker removal process.

However, there is no exact timeframe. Which is why we offer a free quote and consult to discuss your project. From here we’ll be able to give you a better timeline for the concrete floor preparation service.

While our team do most of the surface preparation and will leave your site  clean, there are a few steps that you can take to make sure that your home and furnishings are protected from dust and debris. These include:

  • Covering any furniture in the general area in plastic. This will protect them from dust accumulation and other imperfections.
  • Make sure that you cover your A/C unit.
  • Remove any furniture that is taking up space on the floor that we will be working. This includes couches, lamps and even toilets if we are doing a bathroom floor removal.

We do use dust extraction on all our floor removal services, but unfortunately cannot guarantee a 100% dust free job.

We do use dust extractors on all our jobs and aim to minimise dust as much as possible. However, due to the nature of the materials we are working with there will always be some dust during the job.

We remove tiles by using high quality equipment such as speciality chisels and jackhammers, cleaning as we go. This makes the process more efficient than using a hammer and chisel, which means your concrete floor is ready for the next stage faster.

If you’re interested in attempting to save your tiles rather than demolish them, we can apply specialty methods to help you do so. However, you will need to be mindful that this may take more time.

Typically, most of the glue is removed during the removal process. However, it is common for there to be some remaining spots. Removal of these spots is a standard part of our service, and these glue spots are easily removed by our team with our concrete grinding equipment.

While taking on your own floor removal project might seem like a fun project and a chance to save money, it can end up being back breaking and more expensive if not done properly. The team at DS Grinding’s floor prep division are confident that hiring a professional is a much better solution.

Not only is our service affordable, it is completed by highly trained professionals who have developed effective floor removal solutions, to get your new flooring ready to be transformed quickly.

Yes, we do! The team at DS Grinding are an award winning concrete finishing company specialising in honed and polished concrete flooring. Once your old flooring has been removed and prepped, our finishing team will come in to deliver you a beautiful, finished floor for your residential or commercial property.