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Concrete Floor Finishes

Have you decided to add concrete flooring to your residential or commercial property?

Once you’ve made this exciting choice, the next step deciding what finish will best compliment your home and style. With limitless decorative mixes, coloured concretes, and the various polished floor finishes and exposures available, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. At DS Grinding, our knowledgeable team of concrete specialists are here to make the process of designing your concrete application a seamless and enjoyable process. Having worked on hundreds of professional finishes in Perth, we consult with you to offer honest advice about style, finishes and decorative concrete mixes that will compliment and add value to your property. Once you have decided on a finish and concrete mix, our team will get to work. Delivering the application just as discussed and leaving you with a pristine looking, extremely durable concrete floor to enjoy. Find out more about our decorative concrete flooring finishes below, or for any questions feel free to contact our helpful team today.

Types of Concrete Floor Finishes

Decorative Concrete Mixes

We only source the best decorative concrete mixes in the Perth region. These aggregate concretes come in a wide range of styles, featuring various sized stones in multiple colours. With predesigned mixes and customisable mixes available, you’ll be able to create a concrete application that has tremendous design versatility.

Honed and Polished Concrete Exposures

Do you want your concrete application to show the full breadth of colours and aggregates? Or show the most minimal amount possible? There are three exposure options available for your honed or polished concrete projects and they include:

  • Nil exposure: No stones show through the concrete application
  • Medium exposure: The stones lightly show throughout the concrete area
  • Full stone Exposure: The stones are fully exposed through the application.

Polished Concrete Finishes

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your new polished concrete flooring is what gloss level will suit best. At DS Grinding we offer three premium levels of polish that we can adjust to suit any decorative concrete mix. They include:

  • Matte
  • Satin/medium
  • High Gloss

Grind and Seal Finish

Perfect for homes looking to renovate their existing concrete surfaces, a grind and seal finish gives the look of polished floors but is a more simplified process. Instead of buffing and polishing the application till it has reached the desired look, we apply a coating to the floor’s surface. The end result is a stunning, low maintenance concrete application.

Burnished Finish

Concrete Stains and Finishes: If you want to add more character to your concrete surface, then adding a stain or concrete finish will deliver. Our team can deliver a beautifully stained application and can help you decide on what colour and style is the right choice for your property. They come in a range of water based and acid-based styles, giving you limitless design options for your coloured floor coatings.

  • Areas of For Floor finishing
  • Residential concrete floor finishes
  • Commercial concrete floor finishes
  • Existing concrete floor finish


Is there a way that I can view your concrete floor finishes in person?

Yes! If you’d like to get an up-close look at the high-quality work we produce, you can head to the Limecrete stand at Homebase Subiaco.

Can you colour concrete after it has already been poured?

Once your concrete has been poured, you will not be able to colour it. You will have the option of adding a stain to the top of the slab, which may be the desired result you are looking for.

Is it better to have the finish completed on concrete slab before other trades come through or after?

We always recommend getting your honed or polished finish completed before other tradies come in. Speak to your builder about having your concrete polishing complete before other work begins.

Why should I choose a concrete floor over alternative floor coverings?

Concrete is a durable, versatile flooring material that can be used seamlessly for interior floors and outdoor spaces. It is suitable for high traffic areas which makes it a perfect choice for both residential and commercial floors. The many finishing options afford homeowners flexibility in design from a natural look to bespoke applications.

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